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Staff Dementia Training

  1. Staff Training for caring for those with a dementia diagnosis.

  2. Staff will be trained to provide a person-centered care approach. 

  3. All direct care staff assigned to provide care for residents with dementia will be trained to work with residents with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.

  4. Staff training will include the following topics:

i. Understanding cognitive impairment, and behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia; and

ii. Standards of dementia care, including nonpharmacological dementia care practices that are person-centered and evidence informed.

The facility will conduct retraining of staff when it is determined a staff person is not demonstrating competency when performing assigned tasks. If retraining does not result in competency, the facility will identify additional steps it will follow to ensure the staff person achieves competency, the time frame for completing the additional steps, and the actions the facility will take to protect resident’s rights (when applicable) until competency is achieved. 

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